Generation Z includes anyone born from 1997 onward. Now in their early twenties, members of Gen Z have a significant amount of disposable income. Having had digital technologies at their fingertips since infancy, this is the first generation of true digital natives.

Let’s explore what they look for when it comes to online shopping and engaging with e-tailers.

Gen Z’s spending power

By obtaining money from a variety of sources — including part-time employment, gig work, allowances and parental support — Gen Z wields an estimated $143 billion in spending power.

As much of this money is hard-earned, Gen Z spends it thoughtfully. Payment plans may encourage higher value purchases. And, since these funds may exist across different cards and payment apps, ecommerce retailers can offer multiple payment options to make it easier for young consumers to complete purchases.

Establish brand loyalty with authentic digital marketing messages

Nearly two-thirds of digital advertisers believe GenZ to be one of the most — if not the most — important audiences to cater to. Rather than waiting for this demographic to mature, savvy ecommerce marketers are striving to earn brand recognition and loyalty now to reap the repeat business potential later.

When Gen Z shoppers were asked about how they liked to be marketed to:

  • 56% looked for compelling storytelling.
  • 58% said good music was engaging.
  • 72% noted that humor would increase their receptivity.

Authentic, trustworthy brand messaging makes the biggest impression with these young consumers.

Offer exceptional customer service to encourage positive reviews

Reviews and recommendations are incredibly important for Gen Z. To make online product listings seem more tangible, they quickly gather and act upon feedback prior to making purchases.

As shown in a 2018 study by the Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK), 68% of Gen Z consumers read three or more reviews before completing a first-time purchase with a new brand. They are also likely to message friends for opinions and recommendations.

Online retailers who can earn word-of-mouth status will thrive. Since Gen Z has come to expect a tight customer feedback loop, they’ll come back time and again to retailers who offer exceptional customer support, too.

Support a true omnichannel experience

As CKG reported, 95% of Gen Z respondents have a smartphone and they’re using their devices day and night. The vast majority stay connected for at least five hours a day, with over a quarter admitting to 10- plus hours of daily smartphone usage and one-third scrolling past midnight.

“95% of Gen Z has a smartphone and they’re scrolling and shopping day and night.”

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