Preparing Your Ecommerce Site Maximum Holiday Success

New Realities for Holiday Season Ecommerce

For online retailers, Cyber Weekend 2019 delivered plenty of holiday cheer, with record-shattering revenues topping $28.4 billion in the US, and as much as $90 billion worldwide.1 But challenges abound.

This Cyber Weekend online retailers faced rising competitive pressures, escalating consumer expectations, and mounting security challenges—all of which should guide their plans for 2020

The Ultimate Sales Bonanza Goes Mobile

On the one hand, opportunities are plentiful—just look at mobile.

On Thanksgiving, mobile accounted for 63% of site traffic on 45% of all sales, compared to 24% a year ago. And on Cyber Monday, purchases via smartphone topped $3 billion for the first time—a staggering 46% increase from 2018.

A Rapidly-Evolving Competitive Landscape

For all the glad tidings delivered this holiday season, Amazon still accounted for nearly half of all US ecommerce revenues in 2019.

In addition, Amazon is no longer alone. In 2019, Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba transacted $38 billion in just 24 hours4 — eclipsing all the revenues US-based online retailers generated from Thanksgiving through Cyber-Monday combined.

To fend off these and other rivals, retailers must deliver elegant, effortless shopping experiences backed by bulletproof cloud, commerce, and logistics capabilities.

Best Practices for a Successful Holiday Season

This Cloudflare report outlines strategies for overcoming the challenges of preparing ecommerce websites for major events, whether it’s a one-day super sale, or an entire holiday season.

Many of the actionable insights featured in this eBook are based on Cloudflare data from Black Friday through Cyber Monday 2019, prevailing industry trends, and insights from leading online retailers within the Cloudflare global cloud network.

To identify these best practices, Cloudflare measured traffic across ecommerce sites that were identified via HTTP Archive and supported by the Cloudflare global network from November 29 through Monday, December 2, 2019.

Using fully-anonymized data from these referenceable domains via HTTP Archive, we examined daily pageviews and resulting checkout interactions, as well as cyberattacks and other threats identified and mitigated within the network during the busiest shopping days of the year.

We were then able to gain insights into the factors shown to most negatively impact performance, as well as mitigation strategies that have proven effective for retailers within our network.

By combining our findings with a survey of trends research from third-party sources, we were able to bring broader context to our analysis. What emerged from this investigation are 5 best practices for maximizing ecommerce success during the 2020 holiday season and beyond.

How Cloudflare Can Help Make Holiday Ecommerce a Breeze

The challenges that come with preparing your ecommerce site for Cyber-Weekend success can be daunting. But Cloudflare is here to help.

Trusted by over 20 million Internet properties, our integrated cloud platform helps brands and retailers improve the performance of their web properties, while also safeguarding customer data and transactions during the holidays and every day of the year.

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Preparing Your Ecommerce Site Maximum Holiday Success


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