The Truth About Security from Cloud and Cloud Application

A Cybersecurity Professional’s Guide to Today’s Hyper-connected World

Keeping Up: Security Risks in Today’s Hyper-connected World

Mobile devices and cloud-based applications that empower teams to work anywhere have been a boon for business productivity, agility, and innovation. However, this new way of working presents a new challenge for cybersecurity teams: securing mobile devices accessing cloud applications that store sensitive data outside the control of on-premises security solutions.

It’s a challenge that grows more critical as businesses continue to adopt software-as-a-service (SaaS) at an unprecedented rate. And it raises big questions for security teams:

  • How do we secure what the company doesn’t control or even own?
  • How can we protect against intentional and unintentional data leakage from users accessing cloud applications from a variety of devices, including their own personal ones?

The short answer? Focus on securing people and protecting them against compromise as they use the cloud from any location, on any device. This guide highlights the application security challenges and visibility gaps that cybersecurity teams face, and what they can do to mitigate risk in a hyper-connected world.

Keeping Up: Security Risks in Today’s Hyper-connected World

Security Blind Spots in the BYO World
Your security team would probably agree that the ideal state includes employees using devices that are owned and managed by your company and applications that are hosted within your own datacenter.

However, such a scenario is growing increasingly rare. The real state is trending toward a BYO-everything environment, with employees or their departments providing their own devices, internet access, applications, and more. This rise in mobile devices combined with the growth of cloud-based applications— for everything from email to customer relationship management to financial reporting—has created new problem areas for security teams.

Security Risks in Today’s World

The Truth About Security from Cloud and Cloud Application Providers

You’d think that cloud and cloud application providers would be highly focused on addressing mobile/cloud application security blind spots.

And to some extent, they do provide capabilities that help. However, cloud security is most often a shared responsibility: The cloud provider sees to its own infrastructure security, leaving customers to secure their data and user activities on top of that infrastructure. This means your business is responsible for elements such as user behavior, access and usage policies, and compliance.

The same holds true for unmanaged devices. Cloud application providers generally don’t distinguish between managed and unmanaged devices, nor do they provide endpoint control to compensate. It’s up to your company to secure access to cloud applications by both managed and unmanaged devices, protect users and data, and detect and prevent cyberthreats.


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