Futuriom SD Wan Growth Report

Transform your Network with Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix SD-WAN delivers reliable, automated, and secure connectivity and performance to ensure an always-on workspace experience for your SaaS, virtual, and cloud applicaitons. As a nextgeneration WAN edge solution, Citrix SD-WAN delivers a consistent application experience, simplified cloud on-ramps, and integrated, comprehensive security.

Unparalleled Application Experience

Citrix SD-WAN is able to detect and optimize for over 4,500 applications in real time, using real-time packet-based traffic steering and bi-directional Quality of Service (QoS) to provide the best possible application experience to your users. Monitor your network performance through a single pane of glass and drill down to analyze specific sites, users, and sessions.

Always-on Application Availability

Citrix SD-WAN connects your enterprise through traffic shaping on multiple diverse, bonded links to optimize performance. Sub-second failover for demanding applications ensures that in case of network issues or outages, your network remains highly resilient and the user experience is uninterrupted.

Integrated, Comprehensive Security

An integrated stateful firewall on Citrix SD-WAN protects you from potential threats with policies that you centrally deploy across your network.The integrated comprehensive edge security stack provides IDS/IPS, web filtering, and malware protection in a single platform.

Citrix partners with industry-leading cloud security vendors including Check Point, iboss, Palo Alto Networks, Zscaler, and Symantec to offer protection for unsanctioned traffic with automated connectivity to these cloud security platforms. In addition, Citrix SD-WAN offers a VNF-capable platform for hosting leading third-party next-gen firewalls, including Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and Check Point.

Resilient SaaS Application Connectivity with Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct

Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct provides the powerful functionality of Citrix SD-WAN as a cloud service over the public Internet.

Citrix SD-WAN beats local internet breakout even with typical SD-WANs because it adds resiliency and improves performance for critical and latency and loss-sensitive traffic. Cloud Direct connects SD-WAN-enabled branches to a managed, high-speed, highly redundant Internet overlay network peered directly to thousands of cloud and SaaS providers.

Centralized Cloud Management with Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator is a SaaS-based tool that enables single pane of glass management of the network as a service. Monitor the usage and health of your network or specific sites, take advantage of zero touch provisioning, configure application-centric policies, and troubleshoot all through Orchestrator’s centralized single pane of glass.

1. Intro: Year 2020 – The Year of Change

It’s the fourth year of the annual Futuriom SoOware-defined Wide-area networking (SD-WAN) Infrastructure Growth report — and an interesHng year it’s been. As the world grapples with the business and technology challenges of the response to COVID-19 pandemic, cloud technology and cybersecurity have come to the fore. The evoluHon of the health crisis and its economic impact have had an effect on the SD-WAN market, as the companies involved adjust their product and business approaches to respond to the changing condiHons of the world.

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN is a growing technology domain that enables enterprises and organizaHons to set up and manage secure WAN connecHons using cloud soOware deployment and management approaches. It has an increasing role to speed up and secure cloud connecHvity and has become a dominant growth area for enterprise communicaHons services. Enterprises are buying SD-WAN to reduce the complexity in configuring branch-office devices, rouHng schemes, and network addresses. With SD-WAN, many of these funcHons can be abstracted into the cloud and managed by the service provider or an enterprise manager using a cloud interface, rather than using proprietary networking equipment.

For many years, Futuriom has correctly predicted high growth in the SD-WAN market, with an approximated 34% annual growth rate for SD-WAN plagorm services, as measured by the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of hardware sales and soOware annual recurring revenue (ARR). Speaking with market parHcipants, the market may have paused slightly in the 1H of this year from restricHons imposed to miHgate the COVID-19 pandemic, but we believe this growth trajectory will start re-acceleraHng in the 2H of 2020 as SD-WAN’s strategic posiHon as an enterprise networking and cloud networking plagorm expands.

The new Work From Home (WFH) push, which has become broad-based across global organizaHons, is also having a lasHng impact on businesses worldwide, creaHng new demand for advanced SD-WAN branch soluHons, including those directed at the home market.

In addiHon to the market impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Futuriom believes several technology trends will drive addiHonal innovaHon and evoluHon in the SD-WAN market. Enterprise IT departments need more efficient ways to build networks that connect mulHple clouds, driving the creaHon of a mulH-cloud networking (MCN) market. As SD-WAN plagorms conHnue adding direct cloud connecHvity to their feature sets, it’s likely that the next phase of their development will be aimed toward enabling MCN. And on the security front, SD-WAN plagorms are becoming important tools for orchestraHng and managing both endpoint and cloud security products — a trend that will grow in importance.

2. Market Drivers: Key Benefits of SD-WAN

The SD-WAN market has been one of the bright spots for networking technology over the past decade, bringing a unique set of capabiliHes to solve the real-world headaches of IT managers, network managers, and security specialists. It’s clear that SD-WAN technology has gone mainstream and is maturing. Of the 100 enterprise users we surveyed, 91.5% said their awareness of the technology has grown in the last 12 months. Of those surveyed, 94% were aware of SD-WAN technology.

When we speak to the network managers and IT specialists using the technology, the theme we hear is that SD-WAN has made their lives easier. This year’s SD-WAN Survey highlighted improved security capabiliHes, beher bandwidth management, improved cloud applicaHons performance, improved management/orchestraHon and automaHon, and improved analyHcs to understand what’s happening on the network.

Below are the results of the survey of 100 end users when they were asked to choose the primary benefit of SD-WAN technology.

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